Hi, I'm Sleepmode.

I'm Sleepmode, but Orin is also fine.

I play video games and sometimes do other things, but only sometimes. One of those things is being an amateur voice over artist. Contact me if you want some voice work done for a project!

I'm also a socialist. This means I advocate for working class ownership of the means of production. Simple concept. I will not engage with you further on this topic if you have no intention of operating in good faith. Read a book.

I'm primarily a casual content creator -- in other words a giant fuckin' nerd.

I have a YouTube channel where I mostly make content documenting mechanical details of various fighting games (although there's some other stuff to be found), and a Wordpress blog where I talk about somewhat broader and denser topics, although still largely related to fighting games.

While it is not an expectation on my part, nor an obligation on yours, I do have avenues to accept monetary contributions if you appreciate my content. You can support me on Patreon, or for one-off donations, you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi.
Your money will only ever be used to better my content. Unless, of course, I need it to pay rent or buy groceries, in which case you may consider my continued existence in the capitalist hellscape we currently find ourselves in a form of bettering my content. <3

I mostly play fighting games, but I also like Dance Rush Stardom and Time Crisis.

What are your main fighting games?
My main games are Samurai Shodown (Yoshitora/Shiki) and SoulCalibur VI (Raphael). I also occasionally play BlazBlue Central Fiction (Kagura), Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (Sho) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Roy/Marth).

I am more well known for my frequent fighting game dumpster diving, or in other words, I play a lot of poverty. Ask me about Chaos Generation, Samurai Shodown III or Daraku Tenshi. Ask me about Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes at your own peril.

What's Dance Rush Stardom?
It's a Bemani rhythm game where the challenge is less about raw execution and mechanical skill and more about being able to dance good. You can see me playing the game here.

Do you play other rhythm games?
I play Drummania and Dance Dance Revolution here and there, but not a whole lot else. I would love the opportunity to play Chunithm, though.

What are your favourite light gun shooters?
I’m mostly a Time Crisis fan, with my favourite entry being Time Crisis 3. I also like Point Blank, The House of the Dead and Virtua Cop.

You can find avenues to contact me and/or support me through the links below.